B5 Plus Ltd: Ghana’s best steel manufacturing, engineering manufacturing and trading company

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B5 Plus Ltd was established in 2002 by its founder and chairman Mukesh V. Thakwani (nicknamed Mr. Mike). Its vision and mission is to become the most recognized steel industry in the world through its outstanding employees, innovative methods and overall behavior. The company’s mission is based on an unwavering commitment to achieve high growth in all areas of its business. Under the keen guidance of Mr. Mukesh Thakwani, the indomitable spirit of this steel company is determined by its dedicated vision and the unremitting efforts of its employees. , Is a visionary entrepreneur with an enterprising spirit and the ability to perceive future trends. He has been leading the company since its inception, and has elevated it to its current leadership position, and has developed by leaps and bounds in a short period of time. span.
Another key figure in the B5 Plus organization is the shareholder Tanya Thakwani, who is actively involved in the operation of the Ghana International School DPSI. DPSI started in 2010 and aims to provide quality education and learning to provide comprehensive, modern and comprehensive education. Mrs. Thakwani has completed a Bachelor of Science degree, a BED degree, and obtained a Certificate of Education from the Montessori International Center. She also participated in psychology and leadership seminars from well-known universities such as Cambridge, UK. She is also a certified consultant. Her only goal is to impart a high-quality education. Mrs. Tanya is a true educator. He wants to cultivate the ability of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurship and moral leadership among students. Her focus is to make DPSI win a place for herself on the map of West Africa.
Founded nearly 20 years ago, B5 Plus Ltd has become Ghana’s leading steel manufacturing, engineering design, manufacturing and trading company. Its steel products have a wide range of products, suitable for small projects to large projects (such as mining, shipping) Construction engineering, automotive industry and real estate projects. The company is also engaged in the trading of chemical products, thanks to its unwavering passion in selling, distributing and providing reliable products. B5 Plus is the largest of its kind, not only in Ghana, but also throughout West Africa.
The company creates value for its customers by ensuring that it always has sufficient inventory, maintains the widest coverage of facilities, and consolidates its market leadership in all market segments it serves. It has total manufacturing and trading facilities in Ghana and other neighboring countries in West Africa. Its scope of services covers the corporate sector, traders, construction and mining sectors and final consumers in ECOWAS countries.
According to the 1D1F (One District One Factory) plan, B5 Plus built one of Africa’s largest strategic and most advanced steel manufacturing plants in the Larkpleku village of Prampram in accordance with the vision of the government and its government. Mission to promote “Made in Ghana” products.
B5 purchased 642 acres of land under 1D1F. The first phase of the plant is built on 100 acres of land, which includes a steelmaking workshop, a rolling mill with an annual capacity of 250,000 MT, and a prefabricated manufacturing plant with an annual capacity of 60,000 MT. The company will produce 1.5 million tons of MT in different stages.
In the second phase, B5 Plus will manufacture steel profiles and aluminum products. In the third stage, it will manufacture cold-rolled products.
The manufacturing plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Sunday is a maintenance day. The steel plant in Tema is located on 75 acres of contiguous land in a heavy industrial zone, with inland roads and reinforced concrete storage areas crisscrossed.
The facility also includes a factory area, warehouse, head office, engineering shop, a car workshop equipped with the most advanced facilities, electronic scales and several auxiliary offices. In order to facilitate logistics, transportation and material handling services, the company has ultra-modern world-class material handling machinery and equipment.
It has also established a research and development department to carry out project redesign and continuous development to help reduce reliance on imported spare parts and increase production capacity based on local conditions. The company has always been committed to using advanced machines to produce higher-quality products in order to achieve an excellent reputation.
B5 buys waste materials locally to nourish the factory, because these are important raw materials that will be used in steel production. This makes operations run smoothly without any bottlenecks, which is the key to sustainable growth. According to the current operating conditions, B5 needs about 40,000 tons of scrap per month, which will be partly purchased locally. Once B5 expands its production, its demand will rise in the near future.
The company is also building a shipbreaking plant to support its steel industry. The dismantled ship will produce reusable steel scrap, which can be used as input for its steelmaking workshop. B5 will produce aluminum ingots and steel balls in stages. The company will save Ghana about 100 million U.S. dollars in foreign exchange every year, because B5 Plus will be produced locally in the first phase and will save the country 200 million U.S. dollars per year in the second phase.
B5 Plus has the largest network of wholesalers, traders and distributors in Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Freetown, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Mali. Ghana is an importer of steel materials from neighboring countries in West Africa. Thanks to the joint efforts of B5 Plus, Ghana has now become a net exporter of steel materials from all neighboring countries.
West Africa’s wholesale distribution centers in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, Kozoya, Aglobesi, and manufacturing centers and distribution centers in 25 branches in West Africa provide expansion for customers throughout West Africa Reputation and timely service.
B5 Plus’s expertise, reputation for best quality, market expertise and timely service delivery can meet the requirements of huge construction projects, which paved the way for B5 Plus to become a leading steel industry.
• Recognized by the 4th International Trade and Finance Conference (AFCFTA version) in 2020 • HESS “Mr. Mukesh Thakwani”-CEO of B5 Plus Limited in 2020 with outstanding leadership in interaction • Best company with product safety and quality management practices Awarded by HESS for 2020• Awarded by HESS for 2020 Excellent Manufacturing Facilities Award• Awarded by Ghana for Outstanding Steel Entrepreneur of the Decade 2010-2020 and 2020 Corporate Executive Award•Outstanding Business Leader of the Year-Ghana Business Standard Award 2020•For Heavy Industry Contributions to the growth and development of Ghana-2020 Ghana Development Awards• Contributions to making Ghana a leader in the West African steel products industry-Ghana Development Awards 2020• Outstanding Steel Manufacturing Company of the Year-Ghana Business Standards Award 2020 • Manufacturing Company of the Year – Ghana Business Awards 2020 • Dream Project of the Year – Ghana Business Awards 2020 • Ghana Corporate Hall of Fame 2020 • Ghana Architects Association applauds the sponsorship of the event • Best Partner Company for Community Development of the Year-2020 Sustainability and Social Investment Award•National Social Development Awarded 2020 “Mukesh Thakwani – CEO of B5 Plus Limited”• B5 Plus won the 2020 Ghana Manufacturing Award “Steel Manufacturing Company of the Year”•Mukesh V. Thakwani, B5 Plus CEO won the 2020 “Person of the Year” Award Ghana Manufacturing Award • The 2010-2020 Ten-Year Outstanding Steel Entrepreneur Award from the EFG Foundation • The 8th AGI Industry and Quality Awards “Best of 2019″ “Industrial Company” • “Outstanding Business Leader of the Year 2019″ Business Standard Award from Ghana • “Non-traditional Exporter of the Year” and “Dry Bulk Exporter of the Year 2019″ from Ghana • Spotter Award • West African Architecture Award in 2019 Ste Company of the Year • 2019 West African Enterprise Excellence Award-Outstanding Steel Manufacturing Company of the Year • Ghana Manufacturing Award-Steel Manufacturing Company of the Year 2019 • Ghana Manufacturing Award-Person of the Year 2019 • Ghana Club No. 21 Award 2019 • In Thousands Recognized by the Jubilee Excellence Foundation’s 2019 President’s Outstanding Youth Award•Achieved at the Ghana Street Fair in 2018 – B5 Plus Foundation Care•Won the 2018 Dry Bulk Exporter Award by the Ghana Shipper Award•Annual GIPC Award Club No. 100, 23rd Place 2018•2018 Ghana Enterprise Quality Award Best Corporate Icon•2018 Ghana Industry Association Best Metal, Construction Sector Award•2018 Ghana Industry CEO Annual Ghana’s Most Admired CEO•2018 Best Regional Awards in Ghana Chamber of Commerce • GIPC Ghana Club 100 2017 Awards – 48th Place • 2017 AGI Awards – Metals, Construction and Construction Sector • 2017 Outside Ghana Expatriate Business Award-Top foreign metal and steel company. His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Addo, President of Ghana, presented the award to B5 Plus Limited in the field of metals and steel in recognition of its service to mankind and its dedication to creating an enabling environment for the country spirit. At the local and local levels, to achieve sustained economic growth and development, while supporting Ghana’s efforts for peace, stability and security • 2017 Business Executive Award-Outstanding Company of the Year • GIPC Ghana Club 100 Award in 2016-19th place • West Africa Regional Magazine 2016 Achievement Award – Best Entrepreneur Building Materials Sector• 2016 Ghana Industry Award – Fastest Growing Company of the Year• 2016 Corporate Executive Award – Ghana Development Award• 2016 Third Corporate Executive Excellence Award – Heavy Industry Company of the Year • West Africa Magazine Achiever Award 2016 – Foreign Investor in Education Field • Ghana Chamber of Commerce 2016 – Fastest Dyn Annual Growth Steel Company • 2016 AGI Award – Fastest Growing Company of the Year • 2016 Ghana Manufacturing Awards – Steel Manufacturing Company of the Year • 2015 US Head of State Award – Import and Export Award • 2015 Outstanding Enterprise Award – Best Building Material International Company • 2015 Business Excellence Award – West Africa Person of the Year • 2015 AGI Awards – Best Company for Corporate Social Responsibility • West Africa Magazine Achievement Award – Best Company Construction and Building Materials • Honor Award for Manufacturing in Ghana Hall – Best Company for Steel and Metal Products • 2014 BUZZ Award – Excellence in Business Management • 2014 BUZZ Awards – World’s Leading Businessmen • 2014 European Business Conference Award – 2014 Best Company • 2014 Ghanaian Manufacturing Award – 2014 Hall of Fame Steel and Metal Product of the Year Award • 2014 Ghana Industry Association Award – Buil Best Metal Company Building and Construction sector • The pillars of the 2014 Hyundai Ghana Award – 2014 TNG Steel Company • Ghana Revenue Agency-GRA Customs Department 2013 Most Progressive Taxpayer • B5 Plus Limited Steel Company 2013 European Quality Award won the “European Quality Award” and “Quality” Annual Best Industry Award for Steel Products”
As a supplier, B5 Plus Ltd prioritizes the responsibility to ensure quality and supply safety. Its integrated supply chain can help companies maintain high standards of product quality and timely and safe delivery. This reduces potential rework requirements, improves service reliability, and saves customers valuable time and money.
• Mild steel: angle steel, C-slot, square grating, flat steel, H-steel, I-steel, rectangular pipe, round steel, square steel, square pipe, steel plate, steel round pipe, T-steel, U-slot•Ocean Or mining: Forged steel balls, SCH 40 seamless tube, SCH 80 seamless tube, wear-resistant plate • Aluminum: aluminum plate, aluminum grid plate • Roof and nails: galvanized roof aluminum composite panel, nails • Concrete and fence: wire mesh , Razor wire, cable tie wire, expanded metal wire mesh, galvanized chain link, galvanized wire mesh • Stainless steel: SCH 10, 40 and 80 stainless steel tube, stainless steel plate, stainless steel SQ tube, stainless steel angle steel • Chemicals: hydrochloric acid, over Hydrogen oxide, Sles, Labsa, caustic soda flakes, caustic soda pearls • Galvanized: equiangular galvanized, galvanized flat end tube, rectangular galvanized tube, galvanized round bar, galvanized SCH 40 tube, galvanized square tube, plated Zinc threaded pipe, galvanized grille, galvanized sheet s, galvanized steel wire, galvanized grid plate • Rebar: HT iron rod, MS iron rod • Other: C lin strip (groove), ZZ profile, La sub ( Hobbyists) • Concrete and fences: BRC grids • Prefabricated steel structures and structures: detailed drawings, engineering drawings, production (AWS), export, installation, steel construction, civil engineering, structural solutions
B5 Plus Ltd directly and indirectly created employment opportunities for 10,000 people. As a customer or supplier, it has also made important contributions to the development of shipping, banking, transportation and logistics, real estate, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, and the automotive industry.
The vision of B5 Plus is to achieve benchmarks not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of corporate citizenship through the outstanding achievements of its employees. Employees who join as novices will turn into mature stalwarts who are proficient in their respective fields. The progress of employees is closely monitored, analyzed and evaluated by allowing them to receive internal training and seminars organized by experts who are willing to share knowledge with them.
The philosophy of B5 Plus is to give back to the society generously by creating enough opportunities for everyone. There is a direct relationship between the sustainable development of enterprises, well-being and social development.
B5 Plus Care Foundation is a charitable organization that cares for poor children in Ghana by providing them with basic needs, including free education and basic medical care. They organize blood donation camps and free health check campaigns every year. B5 Plus actively participates in CSR activities through B5 Plus Care Foundation.
• Free medical camps • Spend money in the construction of the police station in Kpone • Donate medical equipment to non-governmental organizations operating in Ghana • Donate to adult families managed by the Catholic Church of Tema • Donate medicines to non-governmental organizations operating in Ghana • Free education for students • Donation to Lord Krishna College • Numerous social causes and festivals • In order to support Ghana’s ongoing struggle against COVID-19 and as part of corporate social responsibility, B5 Plus promises to provide free to all government hospitals Donated oxygen•Donated personal protective equipment for health workers and society. Masks, general and medical protective clothing, surgical masks, masks, etc.•B5 Plus has also been donated to AGI (Ghanaian Industry Association)•B5 Plus has also been donated to ” FEED-A-KYAYO” project•B5 Plus has distributed food to more than 1,000 poor families in remote areas of Ghana, such as Larkpleku, Chipoli, Ningo, Prampram, Kpone and Dwahanya. The items distributed include 12.5 kg of rice, 1 liter of oil, milk powder, sugar, bath soap, key soap, ketchup, vegetable oil, toilet paper, etc. • Donated B5 Plus to the COVID-19 Trust Fund to support the government’s fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic
Adhering to the company’s belief that capacity building is essential for long-term development and growth, B5 Plus has established a world-renowned school in Tema, called DPS International, which is a center of excellence for children’s learning and development in Ghana and neighboring countries.
• The continuous expansion of product range, • the continuous improvement of productivity, quality and effective use of resources, • in order to provide world-class quality at a competitive price, • B5 Plus has also introduced the concept of commitment and efficient service to the market.
B5 Plus has the infrastructure, expertise, capabilities and vision to support the development of West Africa. Ghana’s vision is to produce and export high-quality steel to markets in West African countries and other regions.
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