Lodge partners with Yellowstone to launch range of cast iron pans

Yellowstone fans will still have to wait a few weeks for the fifth season to premiere on November 13, but in the meantime, they can get their hands dirty with a new pot related to the popular TV show. Classic brand Lodge has teamed up with the Paramount Network Show to launch a line of cast iron pans that “represent American hardness at its best.” So even if you’re using the pan in a kitchen far from Montana, you can still feel like Dutton when you’re cooking.
If you think about it, it’s a meaningful collaboration. The Lodge is known for its truly impressive glassware and Made in America spirit. These pans are loved by many not only for their durability and quality, but also for their amazing price. Considering the retail price and how long it will last, this is an absolute bargain – my Lodge pan is five years old and has withstood campfire cooking, normal wear and tear and some unreliable cleaning methods (oops!). I just give her some TLC and a quick spice every now and then. Yellowstone pans are no exception – designed for high temperature cooking (both indoors and outdoors), they are strong and durable (just like Dutton pans, except they are non-functional).
The Yellowstone Collection includes the 10.25″ Authentic Y Pan with Dutton Ranch Y Design and the 12″ Steer Skillet Pan with Dutton Ranch Design Swivel Design. Both are flavored with 100% natural vegetable oils and can be used in the oven, stovetop, grill or over a campfire. Die-hard fans of the show will also be happy to know that they can also get a free Yellowstone-inspired digital cookbook with their purchase, which features 16 cast-iron cooking recipes.
Now all you have to do is think about what you’ll be serving in the pan at the premiere party.
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Post time: Oct-25-2022
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