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●Chain link fence is produced with superior quality galvanized wire or plastic coated wire, it can be used as protection, Security and last fencing. ●Weaving and characteristics: link and weaving, the weaving is simple, artistic and practical. ●Uses: widely used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway. railway, airport, building, residence, etc. Galvanized Chain Link Fence PVC Coated Chain Link Fence ●Remark: other sizes maybe made to order after consideration.

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    ● galvanized filum et vinculum link fence qualis est superior productum cum obductis plastic filum, non potest esse quod praesidium, postremo Securitatis ac rudium.
    ● textura et characteres: vincula, textrinum teneat, textura est simplex, practica et artificiosa.
    ● usus, usus late hortos, et quasi clavi in oculis capti fodere cubilia, super via. Railway, aeroportus, aedificium, residentiae, etc.

    Link Galvanized vinculum istam
    PVC Coated Chain Link Fence
    ●Remark: other sizes maybe made to order after consideration.

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